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From Clueless to Truly Timeless: ‘90s Beauty Trends That Deserve a Revival

From Clueless to Truly Timeless: ‘90s Beauty Trends That Deserve a Revival

The ’90s were full of some wild and wacky trends. From butterfly clips to blue eyeshadow, many of us experimented with outrageous looks that we probably look back at now and wonder what we were thinking! But there are also some timeless beauty trends from the era that have stood the test of time. So if you’re looking to up your makeup game unexpectedly or just feeling nostalgic for the decade’s fashions, these classic looks are worth revisiting. In this blog post, discover which ’90s beauty trends still hold up today—and how you can easily recreate them using modern products and techniques.

From scrunchies to lip plumper: a look back at ’90s beauty trends

The ’90s was a time of bold beauty trends, from bright colors to the infamous butterfly clips. Makeup and hair products developed rapidly during this decade, allowing women to express their creativity with new products never seen before. Let’s take a look back at some of the most popular ’90s beauty trends that were all the rage in the day:

  • Scrunchies – Scrunchies were huge in the ’90s for both fashion and function. With vibrant colors and fun designs, scrunchies were the perfect way to give your ponytail or braid an extra pop of style. The more scrunchies you had, the better!
  • Lip Plumper – Lip plumper was a popular product in the ’90s and still is today. The idea was that it would make your lips look fuller, and many celebrities were advertising its use. While some people found plumping their lips to be uncomfortable or unnatural, there were plenty of fans who swore by this trend.
  • Glitter Eye Makeup – Glitter eye makeup was all the rage in the ’90s. Whether you opted for a subtle glittery look or went full-on glam, this trend lets you express yourself with fun colors and shimmery effects.
  • Crimped Hair – Crimped hair became popular in the late ’80s and remained popular throughout the ’90s. This style allowed people to experiment with their hair and create unique looks. The best part? You could do it yourself at home with a crimping iron or even just some braids!
  • Butterfly Clips – Butterfly clips were one of the most iconic ’90s beauty trends. These brightly colored clips got their name from the butterfly shape they created when worn in your hair. They were perfect for adding a pop of color to any hairstyle and were loved by many during this time period.

These popular ’90s beauty trends are still remembered fondly today, and you can even find modern versions of some of these products on the market. So, whether you’re looking to recreate these looks or take a trip down memory lane, these trends will surely bring some nostalgia. So, what do you think? Are you ready to take on the ’90s look?

The world of beauty products continues to evolve each day, but it’s always fun to look back at the classic trends that have impacted our lives. The ’90s was a time of bold beauty choices and experimentation with new products like glitter eyeshadow, lip plumper, and butterfly clips! So whether you’re looking for inspiration or want to take a trip down memory lane, this era of beauty will never be forgotten.

beauty standards in the 1990s

From grunge to glam: a history of beauty standards in the 1990s

The 1990s saw a shift in beauty standards as the decade progressed. The grunge style that exploded onto the scene at the beginning of the decade was characterized by an anti-conformist, DIY aesthetic which celebrated natural beauty and rejected traditional femininity. As a result, women with long flowing hair, minimal makeup, and comfortable yet stylish clothing became iconic symbols of the era.

However, towards the middle of the decade, there was a resurgence of glitzy fashion trends inspired by hip-hop stars like Missy Elliott and Aaliyah. Colored eyeliner, tight crop tops, and glitter were all part of this “glam” look which resonated with young women across cultures. It also marked a move away from natural looks to ones that were heavily stylized and required more time in front of the mirror to achieve.

In the final years of the 90s, supermodels like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell ushered in an era of “heroin chic” where dramatic poses, dark makeup, and emaciated figures became all too common on magazine covers. This look was controversial as it appeared to glamorize eating disorders but it also pushed boundaries by challenging traditional ideas of beauty and allowing people to express themselves however they pleased.

Overall, the 1990s saw a diverse range of beauty standards, allowing people to move away from conventional looks while striving for perfection. In addition, it was a decade that paved the way for today’s self-expression culture, emphasizing individuality and self-love.

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